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Web design and brand photography

Helping aspired entrepreneurs and small businesses to stand out online and get more clients. Contact me today for a free consultation.

What I do


Thank you for coming to my website!

Hi, I’m Lucia, creative professional based in Redbridge, East London. I offer all-in-one web design and photography solutions for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. My goal is to create a simple and clean design for small businesses based in the UK, who are just starting out, or who are already trading but have no website yet.

I will build a fully responsive website, according to your vision. Moreover, I will take professional images of you, your team, and your products. In addition, I can design your brand, to create a voice and character for your business. Please see below the solutions I offer. You can book the whole package, or some services only.

Web design

Creating Photoshop files to show actual look of the project before it is built. Only if you require to see the design beforehand. Desktop layout only.


Depending on your needs, I can build a custom coded website for you, or I can use WordPress template of your choice, if you are planning to write a lot of blog posts.

Brand identity

If you don't have a brand yet, I can create it for you. This includes designing a logo, choosing suitable typefaces, colours, images, icons, and creating a brand guide.

Brand photography

Professionally taken images of you, your team, or your products, in your chosen location, or in your place or work or in your home if you work from home.

Basic SEO

I can do a basic Search Engine Optimisation, so that your potential clients could find your website on the Internet. I will optimise every page of your website.

Website maintenance

I will not abandon you when your website goes live. I will take care of it if any changes needed, or updates. If it's WordPress, I will teach you how to use the admin portal.

My recent work

Wedding photographer website displayed on different devices
Portrait photographer website displayed on different devices
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Why I am different


A website is not just a collection of text, images, and icons. Most importantly, a well designed website should be memorable, recognisable, consistent, and personal. Good imagery is not less important than other components of the website. Please have a look at my ‘sister’ website to check my photography work.

Professionally taken, and artistically edited images can attract more customers to your brand. That’s why I provide a complete package of design, developing, and brand photography. In other words, I’m your one-stop-shop. You can order the whole package, or individual services from me.

Your personal brand, mobile friendly website, and high quality imagery

I know it may be hard when you are just starting out. That's why collaboration with another like-minded professional will make it easier for you. I will also host your website on my hosting account, you will only need to buy a domain name.

Moreover, I can help you to choose a good and appropriate domain name for you, as it may be a daunting task sometimes. Also, I don't have any fixed prices for my services, as each project is different and requires individual approach.

During our consultation, when we discuss all your requirements and expectations, I will evaluate the amount of work and resources needed, then will send you a proposal together with an estimated price. Don't worry, though, I make my prices affordable for business owners who don't have a big budget.

Your online presence should support your personal narrative. It should tell the same story...

Copil Yanez, University of Edinburgh
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About me

Classical musician & IT engineer in the past. Web designer, developer, & photographer at present.

I offer affordable creative services for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.


I needed an opinion on my previous website. Lucia came highly recommended. After a consultation she got to work and kept me updated right up until the completion. I'm happy with the results, and now my new website performance is 99% compared to 43% with the old one.
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Norman Peltier, Professional Photographer