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Who I am

Classical Musician & IT Engineer in the past. Web Designer, Developer, & Photographer at present. Though, to be honest — once musician, always musician.

Hi, my name is Lucia. My interest evolved around music from the very childhood, which I focused on studying for many years. When I moved to London in 2006, I wanted to continue pursuing career in music, but there weren’t enough students to make a living. In addition to music, my passion also lied in technology, so I decided to combine the two. I went on to study music technology and audio engineering at university, and learned about computer music production.

After graduation, I decided to pursue a career in IT. I was studying hard to obtain several professional qualifications with Microsoft and Cisco. At the beginning I thought I would make it my final career choice. Yet, being always supervised by bosses and told what to do started to become a burden for me. I came to realisation that switching to freelancing would be a better idea. It offered a greater work—life balance, as well as the possibility of working from home.

Ever since I started learning about web design and web development, as well as studied graphic design, colour theory, and typography. I decided to focus on HTML and CSS first, to become an expert. When I decided to start my own business, I worked pm creating my online presence, and built this website. Actually, this is the third version, where I used some UX design principles. I also built my photography website, which would be a part of my business as well. Please free to contact me with any suggestions or enquiries.

photographer with a camera

I asked my fellow photographer to take this picture of me with my camera. As I'm also a portrait photographer, you can check my photography website here.

Kryvyi Rih, city in Ukraine

This is the city, Kryvyi Rih, where I was born. To read more about this amazing city, as well as to listen to its hymn in Ukrainian language, please click here.


Norman, photographer

“ I needed an opinion on my previous website. Lucia came highly recommended. After consultation she got to work and kept me updated right up until completion. I’m happy with the results, and now my new website performance is 99% compared to 43% with the old one. ”

— Norman Peltier, professional photographer