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Development Projects

Most of these projects I completed during my learning process. They are not live websites, but reside on this domain. Only the photography project is a live website, which I've built as a part of my business. Please hover over cards to read the back side, or tap if you are on a mobile device.


This was Responsive Design module project, as part of the development course with Skillcrush. It was a mobile first approach, and lots of media queries to make it fully responsive. There were two more pages in it, but here I decided to only display the homepage.

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Kryvyi Rih — my city

This project I built independently. It's actually a blog about the city in Ukraine where I was born. I used the material on the original city website, but coded according to my own design. And, of course, I dropped a lot of their content. You can listen to a nice city hymn on there!

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Rental Real Estate

This was the second project I did on my own, it's a fictitious company. First I built it in Photoshop following the course on Udemy. Then I coded it from the Photoshop comp. As it's only a one page, the links don't lead anywhere. But they would if I designed more pages!

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Seaside Audio & Video

This is another project I did first in Photoshop, from the same Udemy course, but this is a real company. I changed it a lot when coding, and used different pictures. The contact form is there just for presentation purposes. The music tracks work, though, and you can listen to them.

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Sonic Photography

This is my own website I've built directly in the browser, for the second division of my business. I used a mobile-first approach. For me it has become a preferable way to code if I start with the mobile. For this website I used different colour pair, to match the images on the first page. I think that cursive typeface is very suitable for the mood.

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Memoirs of One's Life

This is my blog website that I decided to create. My daughter, knowing our family's experiences, encouraged me to write about them. I used WordPress and my PHP knowledge to build the blog. It's still work in progress.

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Photography By Peltier

I've built this website for a client who is a profesisonal wedding, event, and corporate photographer. I was building it for a large desktop first, it was easier to place photos around as there were so many of them! Then made it responsive for mobile devices.

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