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My Projects

Development projects

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Some of these projects I completed during my learning process. There are a couple of live websites: my photography website which I’ve built as a part of my business; my blog website describing my life stories, and the website I’ve built for a fellow professional photographer. I also wish your business website to be here. Don’t hesitate to share your concerns with me, and I can’t wait to find a solution for you, so let me to solve your problems, or, if you are not sure what I can do for you, look at what services I offer.

Live websites

Photography by Peltier

I've built this website for a client who is a professional wedding, event, and corporate photographer. I was building it for a large desktop first, because it was easier to place photos around as there were so many of them! Then, I made it responsive for mobile devices as well.

Wedding photographer website displayed on different devices
Portrait photographer website displayed on different devices

Sonic Photography

This is my own website I've built directly in the browser, for the second division of my business. I used a mobile-first approach. For me it has become a preferable way to code if I start with the mobile. Also, for this website I used a different colour pair. And I think the cursive typeface is very suitable for the mood.

Memoirs of One's Life

At some point, I decided to create a blog, a story of my life. Why? Because my youngest daughter, knowing our family experiences, encouraged me to write about them. I used WordPress and my PHP knowledge to build the blog. However, it takes time and effort to recall all the events, so it's still work in progress.

Memoirs of One's Life project displayed on different devices

Personal projects

Kryvyi Rih - my city project displayed on different devices

Kryvyi Rih - my City

Once I found a blog about the city in Ukraine where I was born, in English language. While I used the text material and the images from the original city website, I coded according my very own design. And, I dropped a lot of their content. You can listen to a nice city hymn on there, if you are curious.


This was my first Responsive Design project, as part of the development course with Skillcrush.com. It was a mobile first approach, and lots of media queries to make it fully responsive. There were two more pages in it, but here I decided to only display the homepage, for my own convenience.

Unplugged project displayed on different devices
Rental Real Estate project displayed on different devices

Rental Real Estate

This project was about a fictitious real estate company. First I built it in Photoshop by following the course on Udemy. Then I coded it from the Photoshop comp. As it's only a one page, the links don't lead anywhere. But they would have if I had designed more pages.

Branding project

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I completed this project while studying with Skillcrush, doing their Brand Identity Design course. I was tasked with creating a brand for a fictitious coffee shop named Whole Bean. I was working with Adobe InDesign application for this project. I didn’t include the front cover of the guide here.

Mission statement for a coffee shop
Colour choices for a coffee shop
Typography choices for a coffee shop
Images for a coffee shop
Images of food for a coffee shop
Social media header for coffee shop

Photography projects

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I was collaborating with several working professionals and freelancers. They needed images for their social media profiles, or for their workplaces. I show only one image of each person here. If you are interested in seeing more images, you can visit my Photography Portfolio.

Woman in a leather jacker and red dress holding a hat
Ellie - teaching assistant
Young woman in blue jeans touching tree leaves
Daniela - artist & illustrator
Black woman standing and holding her scarf
Churnet - photographer
Young woman in a suit sitting on a tree trunk
Jessica - French & Spanish teacher
Woman in a black long dress standing on the staircase
Giuseppina - actress & singer
Young woman walking with an umbrella
Katherine - support group leader